Technical High School Program Information

Is Your Child Interested in Technical High School?

Every fall, representatives from the Connecticut Technical High School System (Vinal Tech. in Middletown, Prince Tech. in Hartford) come to CMS to visit our 8thgraders and tell them about options available for high school. This presentation occurred in October. The focus of this presentation is on the programs offered and the application process.

Vinal Tech held an Open House for prospective 9th grade students and parents on Thursday, November 5. If your child is interested in Vinal but missed the Open House, please call 860 344 7100, ext. 313.

If your child is interested in attending a technical high school, please remember a few things:

1. There is an application process. This involves you and your child completing part of an application and then submitting it to Mrs. Webster or Miss Nordmark in the guidance office. If your child hands in an application, then you will receive notification confirming receipt of the application.

2.Please be aware that there are several aspects of your child’s educational background that will be looked at for the application process. These include report card grades, attendance history, standardized test scores, disciplinary records, and extracurricular activities.  

3. After submission of your child’s application, Vinal representatives will process applications and then contact you directly to make you aware of your child’s status (usually by March).

4. Although most applications are handed in and processed in December, they are accepted at any point during the school year.

5. If your child thinks he or she might be interested in attending Vinal Tech, but isn't sure, he or she should still complete and hand in an application. Students who are accepted to Vinal can decline and attend Cromwell High School if they so choose.

If you would like more information about Vinal Technical High School, or any regional technical high school, please visit Applications are available on this website or in the Guidance Office.

Applications are still being accepted by Vinal so if your child is interested but hasn't applied yet, submit the application to Miss Nordmark or Mrs. Webster in the Guidance Office.

Is Your Child Interested in Agricultural Science and Technology?

The Agricultural Science and Technology Center at Middletown High School offers opportunities for students interested in the agricultural field. Representatives from this program also visited in October to make our 8th graders aware of this option for high school.  There is also an application process for this program. For more information call 860-704-4599 or visit and search "agricultural science & technology."